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Stool set, 1 set available.

Charred French Oak and Vegetable tanned horse leather, 63 x 50 x 45 cm

Handwork in its purest form.

This set of stools have been created out of a big piece of French Oak and detailed horse leather.

Oak slabs are fused together to create a strong and bulky construction. Along with durable hard foam seating, upholstered with horse leather, this set of stools make for an eye catching, minimalistic design.

Pushing boundaries and exploring the deeper fields of what it means being a craftsman, artisan, artist, designer, however you want to call it.

By not only focusing on clothing and accessories, we try to create a way of living and make beautiful pieces, just how we like it.

-2 stools (set)
-63 x 50 x 45 cm
-French oak, charred and lacquered
-Vegetable tanned, Italian horse leather
-Branding details (underside)
-Felt pads

Mail to purchase this set and inform about pricing and delivery.

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