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0.hide - Artisanal leatherwork

0.hide is about the beauty and finesse that lies in nature. wearing my work will get you closer to that beauty.

0.hide embodies the timeless elegance drawn from nature's beauty, meticulously handcrafted within our own atelier in the Netherlands.

0.hide finds inspiration in avant-garde expressions and the raw essence of brutalist art. The journey began with a profound appreciation for materials and craftsmanship as forms of art. Following a brief study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht in 2018 and a fervent passion for artisanaly made products and the strong urge to create, ignited a new path.

Central to 0.hide's ethos is the importance of sourcing only the highest quality, sustainable leathers.

We take great care in selecting materials from suppliers committed to ethical and sustainable practices. These leathers, sourced for their superior quality, embrace natural markings like scarring and stretch marks, imparting unique character to each piece. Collaborating exclusively with select suppliers, who process leathers in small, environmentally conscious batches using natural ingredients, underscores our commitment to sustainability.

Each creation is meticulously handcrafted in-house on a made-to-order basis, preserving the artistry and individuality of every piece. This dedication to in-house craftsmanship ensures a slow and timeless product, unparalleled in quality and destined to accompany you for years to come.

The creations are a fusion of minimalism and attention to detail, celebrating the natural nuances and inherent characteristics of the materials. The selection process is meticulous, seeking out raw hides with authentic natural marks.

0.hide offers a beautiful and pure product, available exclusively at a curated selection of stores worldwide. Each piece not only represents a product but a connection to the artisanal craft, a testament to the artistry born from passion.

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